Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Making a new list

And so 2018 has ended! Another knitting year behind me, a number of projects I hadn't anticipated are now done.  Last year saw me wrapping up Loopy Academy, making 3 Faucett scarves, only 4 pair of socks, and a fair number of small people (baby to small child) projects.  Oh, and a giant afghan and the big yellow shawl. Overall, it was 27 projects, 10 of which were bound off in December. 

My knitmeter reset but I did get a picture yesterday. That's 8.7 miles of knitting, quite a lot of it in fingering weight. 

I only sprinted on year-ending one small project (not yet available on this blog because I post this places where the recipient will read it and she doesn't know about it yet). I wanted to get the extra points for Knights of the Loopy Table so that I could start the spring term at the halfway to knighthood mark.  I should at least make squire this way!

I have set myself a goal for 2019 on Ravelry -- they have a "challenge tab" -- and that's 20 projects. I apparently also set myself a goal of 25 for 2018 and who knows when I thought that was going to get accomplished.

Over the first cup of coffee of the year, I drafted a few things I'd like to make this year. There are a couple of babies amongst families and friends who might need an anchoring sweater or blanket, a couple of skeins that should be socks for those whose sock drawers might be starting to get a bit worn out, and of course finishing Knights of the Loopy Table. The latter will be much easier now that I know all -- or at least most -- of my Loopy Ewe yarns are tagged "theloopyewe" in Ravelry. Not surprisingly, most of my Wollmeise is in that stash.

That quick draft was 17 projects and doesn't include some ideas I've had rattling around or the upcoming Franklin KAL that's happening in February.  So... Knitting 2019. Off to an ambitious start...

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