Sunday, June 3, 2018

This has been Loopy Academy

The Loopy Ewe staff approved all of my Senior Semester 2 Spring project pictures and with that...Loopy Academy is done. It's been simultaneously a long and very short four years.  Overall I knit 27 projects, what with a duplicate semester, and I didn't do any of the extra credit projects. Too many semesters I was knitting to the wire.

I pulled everything together into a few categories. 

Unsurprisingly, I made a lot of shawls. Most of them far exceeded the requirements for a given semester. But a third of my projects were shawls!  And all of them have been gifts or are in the gift bin.  So I knit shawls but I don't keep them apparently.   These were definitely my favorite projects -- the lace Wendyknits shawl, the nupps steampunk shawl, Franklin Habit's Shawl, the dragon wing that I knit for Audiogirl and the one with all the beads. This was definitely my excuse to buy and knit Wollmeise also. 

In the scarf category, I knit six projects.  Three of these have already become yarn again; they weren't ones I loved. The other three have been gifted. These photos are all that remain evidence of them, though I do hope they are being worn and loved. 

There were some hands and feet projects. I'm somewhat surprised that I didn't knit more socks throughout this, though I admittedly don't enjoy patterned socks particularly. Socks are my true autopilot project.  I've not really worn the gloves or mitts but I really do like the mittens. Those come out for the coldest winter days, they make an excellent outer later. I must remember to wear the dragon mitts at tailgates this fall!

And then there's the "everything else" category. Toys, hats, a sweater, a pillow, and a felted wine bottle cozy.  

The green hat went missing on it's first day out, which still makes me sad. The sweater has been washed and bagged for fall. The pillow got pulled out. The owls went to live with a co-author.

I hadn't thought about how few of these projects I've kept. Granted most are accessories and I have plenty of those, but it's odd to see it compiled. I have friends who can pull out piles of things they've knit. I can -- if nothing else there are MANY pairs of socks around Chez Hedgehog, but also a lot has gone on, finishing it's purpose for me and hopefully off to a better one with friends.

Now that Academy is done, I only have to face Christmas knitting this fall. Can you even imagine? 

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