About Me

My name is Abigail Goben and I’m the Hedgehog Knitter.

I’m a data and medical librarian in Chicago. I’m a knitter and co-habit with a gray tabby named Gypsy, a tortoise shell cat named Pyewacket, and a Philosopher. My librarian blog can be found at Hedgehog Librarian.

If you’d like to reach me, I can be found on Twitter or Ravelry as hedgielib or you can email me at MyFirstNameMyLastName@gmail.com (let’s hope the spambots can’t substitute that properly).

Opinions expressed here are my own and as such they are subject to change. Views on this blog do not reflect the opinion of my employer. I reserve the right to delete any comment I find inappropriate or harmful. I also reserve the right to find out as much about inappropriate comments and those making them as I like and publish those facts on my blog.

My Entire Dining Room Floor

Last night I was determined to finish AudioGirl's birthday shawl*. I'm leaving for a conference on Thursday and I couldn't face ...