Thursday, December 20, 2018

Off Deadline, A Red Flower, and Hats

My hands are confused -- I'm not frantically stress knitting my way to the holiday.  Apologies family if you were hoping for a last minute surprise knitted gift, it's not happening this year.

My last planned obligation knitting for the year was a shawl/baby blanket/nursing cover/whatever for my coworker. She also knits, so she laughed when my first response to her alerting me of her pregnancy was "thank you for the extra knitting time notification."  Her project went into the queue though it took a little longer than I had expected -- they always do.

In this photo, it is blocking the morning of her baby shower. I had to borrow another colleague's fan so it was bone dry by that department meeting. What last minute work?  The pattern is the Dogwood Shawl. I modified it a little--I didn't do all of the second chart, instead I did a heavy garter square border, about 18 rows of garter. I then did an applied i-cord bindoff, which I think adds a nice extra weight to the edge of a piece like this. 

It adds weight, eats yarn, and also is not speedy. But I'm re-watching the Great British Bakeoff (the older seasons, I'm a Mel/Sue/Mary Purist) and that's wonderfully entertaining. Having sprinted through them initially, it's nice to revisit and try to remember who goes out which round and which disaster happened what week.  

Free from those knitting obligations and, enabled by one very willing friend, I somehow ended up with two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Franca.  

No idea how that happened. One minute I'm standing by the bulky yarns at fibre space and the next I have wound skeins, size 15 needles, and I'm quoting Sondheim with one of the staff.  

That then turned into two new hats! Which I have been wearing around the house despite it not being really cold enough to need them. 

Life is short, extra warm ears is a good thing. 

Now I'm working on some non-deadline knitting. It's oddly calming. I'm not sure when last I wasn't frantically finishing up 18 end of year/ Loopy Academy / holiday knitting gifts.  Maybe next year I could even plan ahead some knitting... 

The mind boggles. 

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