Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Warm and Snuggly and Finished

Okay, so there might be a few ends to be woven in still... maybe, but the blanket is DONE. I could put it on the bed and sleep under it except for the fact that it has been in the mid-90s in Chicago and the air conditioner is doing everything possible to keep up.


3.5 months and 29 skeins of wool later... the Philosopher and I have a new blanket. It's huge and it's heavy. It's also superwash, so unlike it's predecessor (sadly destroyed by moths), I can toss it in both washer and dryer and keep the cat fur to a minimum. 

The squares have been hauled all over the US and Canada these last couple of months, so a wash will be in order as soon as those last couple of ends have been woven in. 

I'm also planning an i-cord border, but that will require a few more hours and possibly a television series marathon. I have the Mrs.Bradley mysteries and a disc of NCIS LA to catch up on as soon as fall semester teaching lets up enough for me to breathe.  

The blanket was crocheted together using remnants of the light and dark gray and purple. I'll do the border in black -- I have one full skein left and remnants. If that isn't quite enough, it's black yarn, I can get more. 

So many people were curious about this project and it was perfect for summer. Fall is going to be all sorts of new and exciting projects, and heaven knows I'm not sad to be done with the black squares, but I am going to miss how easy this was. 

Fortunately, there are always more socks to be knit. 

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