Sunday, February 10, 2019

I'm Either Brilliant Or... Not

My obligation knitting for this spring comes in the form of a couple of crib sized blankets for some friends' imminent arrivals. When I decided to knit these, I knew I'd be using the same pattern, which is modular, and I chose very different colors for each to keep myself intrigued. 

As much as one can call garter stitch intriguing. Still, one does periodically change colors on a log cabin and then oooh, it's a new color. See how it's working with the others!

Finding joy in the changing of colors keeps a hedgehog going...

But after Week 1 of Blanket 1 I am thru Rectangle 7 for the Mason Dixon Moderne Baby Blanket. And it's reaching the point that it has become unwieldy for train knitting.  That's quite acceptable in my mind for a weeks' worth of work; I'm somewhere in the 700+ yards knit. So I'm starting Blanket 2 tonight. 

I can't decide if this is delightful or demoralizing. On one hand, colors I haven't used before!  On the other, didn't I *just* plow through this rectangle?  Aren't I done with it?  I'm hoping to stay distracted by the colors long enough that I'll not notice it too much.  Blanket 1 has been relegated to couch knitting, at least temporarily. 

We don't have any trips coming up for the next month, so I don't have any flight knitting to worry about. But also that means no great swaths of knitting time on a plane.  

It's a good thing I have that long commute and some long meetings. 

At this rate, maybe I could have both of them done by mid-March? That'd be phenomenal. 

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