Monday, January 21, 2019

Such Works in Progress, Very Much Yarn

Every few days it seems that I start a new project or come up with something new to work on or drag things out of a project bag. One goal for the past weekend was to put away my knitting needles. I knew there were a few scattered here and there. Surely it couldn't be that many, could it?

Ultimately it was *3* different stashes of "to be put away"  needles. Which included multiple sets of DPNs, apparently nearly all of my size 16" fixed circulars, nearly half of my interchangeable set. It's no wonder I've been frustrated looking for needles recently--they were in these various and sundry holding places on their way back to their cases.  That said, if anyone knows where the rest of my size 4 needles went....

So I put away needles, made sure things were in project bags, and apparently started three new projects since Friday. 

This is from the bag of Stash That Needs to Be Used Up Soonest. Most of that bag is moth damaged. Not severely, the badly damaged stuff went in the garbage.  But a few things just had issues with a strand or two broken and I'm capable of weaving in ends.  A year+ of having been in their own ziplocs tells me that there isn't further damage to be wary of  -- though there were a few more skeins that went the way of the trash also as I kept resorting and checking.  @&#*$)^%@)#($* moths.  Anyway, this is Coquille from Knitty 2010.  It's going nicely but not super quickly. 

And here's the parade of Works in Progress: 

In addition to the new shawl, now tucked into my hedgehog box bag from Sibling the Elder, I also have a cone of cotton for washcloths, and some Lisa Souza that is slowly becoming a Sockhead hat. I just passed the 4" mark on the stockinette section and while I won't do the full 9", I do want it to be long enough to fold the ribbing up over one's ears. So probably at least 3 more inches of stockinette before the decreases.  

And then here is the side couch pile, which includes a very neglected Teasdale shawl, the Rhichard Devrieze sock yarn that is presently 1.5 socks (just about done with the heel flap on Sock 2), another pair of socks that requires 2 toes to be finished -- but I need the Philosopher's feet to check size, some yarn that's already been committed to a few other projects but not yet wound up and, oh, right (I had to go check) another pair of socks that I've just barely begun. 

Apparently my desire to knit socks is back in force this year. I should be able to finish the hat and at least 1 of those pair of socks, possibly two this week between train time and evening events. The shawls are unfortunately difficult enough that it's unlikely I can take them on the train this week for commuting, both require paying attention to patterns and in well below freezing temperatures the CTA will be squashed sardines of winter coats.   

I keep imaging that I'll get thru all of this yarn in minutes rather than weeks -- somehow imagining that I knit far faster than I do and suddenly I'll have gaping holes in my stash bins waiting to be refilled. Perhaps if I hadn't knit up all of the bulky weight and replaced it only with fingering weight single skeins....

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