Saturday, January 26, 2019

Quickly, wurmly

Many of my professional friends are in Seattle this weekend for ALA Midwinter. I haven't attended Midwinter in a couple of years. First, I was giving myself time away after Chairing both Programming Planning and the Education Committees. I didn't *have* to attend days of meetings, present to my ever patient Board, serve as a right royal pain constantly....

But Midwinter is a smaller conference than the Annual summer do and it means there's time for more intimate professional conversations over a few cocktails.I'm sorry to be missing that. Save me a round, friends, for DC this summer.

This also meant I needed a knitted object delivery person.

One of my former Madame Presidents had asked for a hat, to keep her warm as she's headed in for some medical treatment in a dreary part of the world that will be rather chillier than what she's used to. I dashed off to the stash to pull out some yarn I bought to replace a hat that went walkabout a few years ago.

I wanted something squishy for her, so I used a combination of the wurm/Luuk patterns (both have horizontal squish ribbing) to create something fun and hopefully pretty and soft. And machine washable. The wool is Fable Fibers Biography in the Fairy Garden colorway.  It's a brighter yarn than I was photographing here, but when one is on deadline... 

Now, by the time this posts, I should just have had to deliver it to a colleague who has agreed that it will fit into her suitcase. Along with a hug. 

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