Friday, September 7, 2018

Embracing a Color of Fall

Being out of Loopy Academy Homework has left a strange deadline hole in my life that SEVERAL pregnant friends are attempting to fill. Yes, I see you all. You and your impending bundles of joy and diapers. 

But their new Knights of the Loopy Table gives me a little extra motivation for a project just begun -- it has a points-for-using-stash option!

My friend Viva is a handknit appreciator. I knit her twins (now nearly 2...where does time go) afghans. Those weren't done on baby day 1 but in the first 3-4 months and are well-loved and used. Is there greater praise to a knitter than it's been loved to shreds? So during a long text chat one night we were talking about her interest in a new hood/scarf for winter and me, trying to distract myself from yet another black square, I started sending her patterns. 

Oooh, there's one that might work. And then she was off to The Loopy Ewe site, rummaging around for what caught her fancy. 

She decided on Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Worthy Fingering, which is discontinued, in the Ochroid colorway. There were four skeins left. Just enough. We arranged wool purchase and now I have this loveliness to work with. 

It doesn't photograph under bad dark lighting and at weird angles well. I can't imagine why not. I'll have to get the light box out and try to remember the techniques Franklin Habit taught me. Trust me when I say there is a lot of depth of color to this yarn. 

It's also some of the softest yarn I've ever touched. Cashmere and silk. This is going to be Extra Super Drapy and also lofty and  also warm. Color and warmth, just what the Chicago winter needs. 

The first section is knit in two parts, requiring a little more wrangling than is super easy on the train but I'm about halfway through that and once that's managed, it'll be pretty smooth sailing.  

And also I have to get some baby knits done. In another row. 

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