Tuesday, August 14, 2018

AudioGirl Birthday and Square Assemblage

Among some of my closest knitting friends, AudioGirl and BrineyDeep, I'm not sure I would say there is a lot of agreement of things they both choose to knit. AudioGirl loves asymmetrical things and post-apocalyptic. BrineyDeep goes more traditional patterns, uses a lot of gradients, and has handspun wool for her own sweater. 

There is one designer they agree upon though: Ysolda Teague. Particularly her Gretel hat. To the point that upon seeing this hat, they both, separately and individually, exclaimed "Wait, I know that pattern, that's Gretel isn't it!" 

picture of a yellow cabled handknit hat

Why yes, yes it is. That's the super slouchy version in BMFA Gaea in Saffron Surprise. It's a dense, rich wonderful yellow and an exceptionally squishy yarn. And as AudioGirl had requested a beret for the coldest of Chicago winter days...I set to work. This will be a lovely bit of sunshine next February. 

There were some modifications. After finishing it to pattern, it became obvious that the brim was far too loose. Now, I know you can't rip ribbing upwards, so didn't pick out the cast on, but it did take longer than I'd like to admit to snip and rip down most of the ribbing. I decreased then both needle size (5s to 4s) and p2tog'd a row so I was down to a k2p1. That served much better.  

And also (drum roll) THE SQUARES ARE DONE.  That's right, with 2 weeks to spare on Stash Dash 2018 I've managed to at least finish the squares and I merely need to assemble them and weave in all the ends. 

Merely she says. Hahahahahahaha.  50% of the squares have 4 ends, 50% have 2 ends. It's not horrible but it certainly won't be "quick"  

The Philosopher and I agreed on a pattern layout (see Instagram or FB for the options --I'm @hedgielib on Instagram) and I'm crocheting squares together. Which, of course, means more ends. It's not taking as much yarn as I had expected though so that should put me in good shape for potential border plans. I-cord eats yarn quickly.  

And soon I have some stunning yarn to show you. Courtesy of a friend who is also on a yellow kick... 

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