Friday, June 29, 2018

When at Conference, I Shall Knit

In my suitcase I will pack... the start of a children's memory game that I haven't played for years. Fortunately as an adult it is slightly easier to remember what it is my suitcase. Yarn. Always yarn. The squares and I were off for a few days of a conference. 

Here I am stuffed into Hollow Metal Tube #1. BrineyDeep and I shared a flight and hotel, though we sat in different rows and so didn't annoy the entire plane with discussions of pick-up vs. pick-up-and-knit, the latter technique I still don't quite understand. This was my last purple square. I'd really hoped to be done with it before we left, but such was not the be the case. 

But from there on it was all light gray all the time. Here, the square and I are at an awards ceremony for a coworker. This makes me realize I can't tell if it's better or worse to be churning along on things that are the same color. You have no idea if I've only knit 3-ish squares all summer. I promise there are ziplocs in my living room containing squares. 

BrineyDeep and I took the opportunity for high tea. Such desserts and an excellent pot of Darjeeling. And the opportunity to see two very adorable young people get engaged a couch or two over from where we were sitting. 

The Philosopher joined me at the end of my conference and we explored a bit. Here at the insectarium I attempted in vain to catch the gorgeous colors of this butterfly. This was the best shot I got but those wings *glowed* blue. You can only see a suggestion here but it was stunning. 

At the suggestion of our friend Kolt, we headed out to a small place that served some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. That was an absolutely phenomenal meal. We rather waddled back to the airport on Wednesday to head home. 

On the plane there was more knitting.... 

And a final square started on the trip, which got wrapped up this morning.

With commute knitting and a little evening knitting, I'm now almost half-way through Square 27. That's 10 dark gray complete; 10 purple complete; and I should finish the 7th light gray one tomorrow. I had done 3 light gray before, so I only made it through 3.25 squares on the trip? Something like that. Half a square a day approximately.  

I caught myself dreaming about knitting a pair of socks today. 15 squares to go.... 

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