Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I'm Totally Not Cheating on the Squares

Okay, maybe I am. Just a little. It was just one or two rows. Less than 30 for sure.

I was home today, burning some vacation time (and apparently running Week 1 of All the Errands) and needed something distracting...so, new project.  This is Illumine, and I'm knitting it out of the Total Eclipse of the Sun colorway minis kit that I picked up last year. It's going to take a while, I have to pay attention to the right side rows and the repeats, though at least the back is just straight purling. I have a potential plan for this but we'll see.    

Proof that I didn't entirely abandon the squares. That's square 31 and 32 is more than halfway done. I'm finally onto the black yarn and yes, it's going to be a drag. To my personal credit, I started this on May 12 and it's not yet July 12 -- so the fact that I'll have knit 32 squares in 2 months means I am averaging one about every two days, which is a decent amount of knitting considering the usual obligations of work, home, feline petting, and sleep. I am rather tired of them, even with the nice fact that they are perfect commuter knitting. I keep telling myself "but only 10 more" and that's helping a bit, of course then there are all the ends to weave in, the crocheting together to do and hopefully something of an edging. 

Pyewacket continues to supervise. Or rather to try and take over Gypsy's spot. This is my latest bag from Stitched by Jessalu and the cats have been taking turns sleeping on it when it's not attached to me. Mostly it's around a belt loop and following me about. 

Two black wool yarns and the black cat; well there's today's theme isn't there. 

Stay cool... 

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