Saturday, June 2, 2018

It's Gonna Be Gray

This last week included my first foray into Canada, mystical land of the Yarn Harlot, Canadian wool, and really good poutine. I was speaking at a conference but I knew there would be time for a fair amount of knitting. AudioGirl and I even did extensive word problem calculations to try and account for the fact that I firmly believe in getting to the airport ridiculously early and also I would be knitting through sessions. 

As I'm trying to power through my main summer project, a new log cabin blanket for Chez Hedgehog, I packed up all of the dark gray wool that had not yet been knit and off I went. 

This was where I started, Dark Gray Square #3 at ORD. My cab driver was prompt and blessedly quiet, at 5 a.m. I am not prepared for light chitchat. It's also a wonderfully short trip through security at that hour.  You can see my Firework Shawl in the corner there; normally that lives at work but it came home recently and was the perfect accompaniment to pretty much everything I wore this trip. I'm debating if it goes back to work or not.  

And here is my result upon arriving home this evening.  Four completed squares and a fifth one started. Apologies for the dreadful lightning.  AudioGirl and I had *slightly* overestimated my potential productivity -- we'd planned for potentially 9 squares and I was concerned about being under yarned. That proved not to be an issue, though I only overpacked by 440 yards.  

Here are the current bags of squares. I have 3 in purple, 3 in light gray, and 6 in dark gray. 12/42; I'm more than 25% done with this afghan and I only started on May 12! If I can keep this up I should indeed be done with plenty of Stash Dash time to spare. 

And some proof that I was indeed in Montreal: at my friend Amy's recommendation I had poutine with a steamed hot dog.  It was an enormous portion and I didn't finish it, hard though I tried.  It was delicious though! 

I did find a yarn store -- but more details on that when the light is better and I can get good pictures of the souvenir yarn !

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