Friday, May 18, 2018

Loopy Academy -- Final Semester Submitted

I can only hope that it's easier for the staff at The Loopy Ewe to grade our Academy homework than it is for me to wrangle Blackboard.  Upload to the correct folder, add a link to my Ravelry page with all the details, have an opinion on what worked or didn't...

My Loopy Academy Spring Semester for Senior Year has been submitted.

This is everything I turned in: lace, brioche, and the sweater that you've already seen. 

The brioche was interesting. I can't say I'm going to jump right into all of the complex brioche patterns I've seen a few friends doing but it's a good technique to have under my belt.  

The lace was a pleasure. I'm grateful to BrineyDeep for having me up to entertain her and the Toddler as that weekend really was a make-point for me. Dedicated time to just be with a friend and crank through rows on the shawl made a huge difference.  

Wendy Johnson, of course, writes beautifully clear patterns and the Estonian Pi shawl was no different.  It ended up being about 5' across, I could probably have blocked it a little more aggressively but there's only so much floor space in my dining room.

A little center detail. 

The whole thing

If you zoom in, you'll also be able to notice that it shows off cat fur excellently.  I'm going to have to go over it with a lint roller before it is gifted.  Yes, it'll be a gift. It's lovely but not something I'll wear.  

The brioche is currently a scarf but I'm considering making it into a cowl. The colors on it just made all of my Northwestern friends just pop up with very alert interest. I have a suspicion there may be some interest on that front in a similar kind of squishy two-color cowl. 

Now to wait for grades. Once the pictures are posted on The Loopy Ewe website, that will mean they are approved. So I'll just check every day or hour or 30 minutes until things are done and then I can cheer that I've completed a full four years of projects!

Almost there... 

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