Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sweater and Squares

I think I might have found my theoretical yarn store name -- if I'm only having people knit two things... I'd be okay with that. 

Let's start the parade of finished objects that are blocking and being submitted to Loopy Academy for my final semester, shall we? 

Here is project #1, soaked and blocking in the dining room. This is a Flax Light Sweater out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Blackbird colorway.  I used about 900 yards, slightly more than 2 skeins.  

Modifications include 3/4 sleeves, lengthening the body, decreases down the body so that it has some waist shaping, and I changed the panel to include XOXO cables.  All in all I'm pretty pleased with it! It fits very nicely and will go with jeans this fall. Of course, I've left it late enough that I won't get wear out of it this spring... 

So it's onto the new projects, right? 

There are now 30 skeins new skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash at Chez Hedgehog (thank you Webs Annual Sale). Well, there are 28.5 new skeins. One has already been used.  The plan for these is to replace the worsted weight log cabin blanket I knit just before leaving La Crosse to move to Chicago. Between my dry cleaner not realizing that blanket wasn't all superwash and the moth issue last summer... time for a new blanket. 

I made E&P's twins the Modern Log Cabin Baby Blankets and really liked how those had turned out with the use of black and grays. So that's the plan again, although this time I'm working on blanket squares. If I've done my math right, 42 blanket squares. [Insert Hitchhiker joke here] I cast on the first square on May 12. 

This is going to be my major Stash Dash project. I can count each square knit after May 25 individually or, if I can complete all of the squares and seam them up, the whole blanket. That is the current goal. Each square takes ~3 hours of knitting time. I have 4 long-ish flights in the next six weeks and I'm already nearly done with Square 2. 

There is nothing quite like a new project to take away the knitting ennui is there... 

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