Saturday, February 3, 2018

Clearing the Decks

I have an obligation that means I need to finish three pair of socks before February 15. Someone, probably AudioGirl or Sibling-the-Elder, just snorted half a cup of coffee up their noses.

This is not quite the challenge it appears on first glance, though it certainly isn't something to be sneezed at.

Here are the socks as they currently stand:     

Pair 1 is BMFA STR Mediumweight in a Rare Gems colorway. I'm marching down the foot of Sock 2 and these are on 1.5(2.5 mm) needles, so they are going fairly quickly.  We are headed to a friends home tomorrow to watch the Sportsball Game and I could potentially finish them there. 

Pair 2 is KnitPicks Stroll Handpainted that showed up some time ago because I needed to fill out a needles order and my Ravelry page isn't clear when these were cast on. Again, I'm past the gusset on Sock 2. These, however, are on size 1 (2.25mm) needles. So that will take a little longer.  

And then there is Pair 3 which is presently .... yarn. I have cast on 60 stitches onto size 1 (2.25mm) needles. No stitches have yet been knit. I'm planning to work on these a bit this afternoon in order to get them functionally started and then take them along to this evenings' outing.  As long as I can convince the Philosopher to hold my drink, progress should roll along. (I almost said "quickly" but realistically, nope). 

I also have to finish all of these before I start my Academy homework, the wool for which is showing up on Monday. It is going to be painfully difficult not to just fling myself into Academy with this standing obligation.  

A knitters life is so difficult.

P.S. Dearest AudioGirl. Aren't you glad you issued the edict that my "boring" project needed to be socks a few years ago? Much love.... 

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