Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Trying to Stay Focused

Dear Self,

Yes, your new wool showed up. Yes, you're super excited about your Final Semester of Loopy Academy and you have three rather ambitious projects because you're you and you seem to have forgotten how dreadfully over-committed you are with work and professional obligations this spring. 

Okay, fine, it was alright to unbox the yarn. You needed to make sure it was all there and what you asked for. Not that TLE has ever screwed up in the past.  And sure, yesterday at work was pretty stressful so winding yarn for an hour while finishing Conspiracy in Belgravia (which is really good) was an appropriate use of the evening.  

However, you have only finished one of the three pairs of socks you blogged about and it's now February 6. You only have 9 more days and you have essentially 2 socks left to knit. You can't start the projects yet. 

Get out of the needle/tool bin. Stop it. 

That had better not be casting on I hear...


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