Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Type of Progress

It must count as some kind of progress when you recognize that you aren't pleased with a project after only, say 10-15 hours, and rather than committing another 100 or so, you rip it out, put the yarn in time out, and find something else to expend a couple of precious Sunday afternoon hours upon. 

(Gypsy with the yarn project just before I ripped it all out)

I had started a MKAL by Tania Richter. Because I do not always read directions, I missed that it was an RPG as well as an MKAL, which then required the assistance of a colleague because I have minimal interest in RPGs. We read through all of the initial instructions together and I opted for the colorwork option.  And.... disliked it. I wasn't sold on the charts and after nearly 80 rows was already into the realm of obligation-knitting.  As this was supposed to be fun --it's been terminated.  

I do think I might revisit one or two of the charts for other projects, they're quite lovely. And I have several other patterns by her to knit up. Just not this one.  

(One finished headband!)

As consolation, I went back to the unfinished pile and pulled out this headband, which has been languishing for the better part of the decade. I remember working on it at my last job. I'm much better at cables now and armed with a Phryne Fisher audiobook (Book 17), I cranked out the rest of this. Fortunately, decade-ago me had marked where I was in the pattern and I could make sense of my other pattern modifications.  The pattern is modified from here. I don't do the extra hearts and I do a slightly narrower back, etc etc.

It's very comfortable and I'm making at least one more -- already cast on!

I also went through the WIPs baskets and consolidated/put things away down to where I only have one large basket left rather than two full of projects. That was rather encouraging. Granted, there's a large bag of finished objects that need a good home and a very overflowing stash but those are for another day. Here's what is left: 

(Only a small pile of unfinished objects)

This is missing only the three pair of socks underway (one was in our home office, one in my workbag, and one at my office at work) and the afghan that AudioGirl has long since given up hope on. I promise one day to have the flu and finish it.  

Oh, and here's my first finished object of 2018 out on it's first day: the giant scarf out of the Malabrigo Caracol at the Women's March Chicago.  It's squishy and was a perfect layering piece for the day. And several more people have mentioned that, you know, if 2 skeins of that yarn in their preferred colorway were to show up at my house perhaps... 

(Me and Viva at the March)

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