Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Odd Space..

Despite the rarity from which I buy from Three Irish Girls, I'm always fascinated by their colors. Also, apparently I am not yet over my whole "I love all the rainbows" thing I've been having for about six months now.

So when Space Oddity showed up in an email or on a Facebook page or somewhere my resistance was weak.


Isn't it pretty!!


This doesn't show the yellow, but I assure you it's there. See here for the original luring hues. Not responsible if you also fall down and buy some.

Of course, the challenge is what to make with this. Yes, Adorn Sock (the base) is intended for socks and this would make interesting socks. But I don't know.  Gloves/mittens/mitts also came to mind and that seems most promising so far.

I might just put the yarn out in the universe and see which friend suddenly desperately needs something knit out of it. Stranger things have happened.

One small caveat when buying from TIG--it's 2-3 weeks before they ship. While this is clearly written in about six places, I totally missed it when I was buying and--USPS shipping having been what it is and me having lost several packages--I started panicking after about 10 days. If you need instant gratification, EatSleepKnit has it in stock right now.

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