Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sock Show Thursday: New Store, Old Friend

There's a new yarn store in Evanston:  Evanston Stitchworks!

To be more accurate, it's a fabric and yarn studio, but I was delighted to stumble upon it . At the time, the owner had just opened and mostly had major commercial yarns--all well and good when I need those. A goal she said, though, was to bring in smaller dyers and to have things that weren't available. She was going to Wisconsin to meet with some dyers.

And so I stopped back a few weeks later to see how it had gone. Ah, yes, the Wisconsin wool trip had gone well and she was delighted to show me this one dyer she'd brought in:


I might have squealed "I know Kathryn!"  Long time readers will recognize the brand of my favorite yarn store when I lived in La Crosse.  I still deeply miss Kathryn's store and I've never seen her yarn for sale from anyone but her--so this was an excellent find.

(I explained my relationship to Ewetopia and Viroqua to the rather stunned owner, who wasn't expecting a several years history and deep questioning on what was presently happening in the town.)


She had several bases but I only got one skein of sock yarn for now. I have a source! I can go back and buy more! (I also perhaps need to use what is in the stash and follow through on that whole plan to order from Kathryn or at least go see her at WI Sheep.)


So nice to see an old friend's work again...

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