Monday, June 1, 2015

More Things in Progress

Now that I'm just focusing on Stash Dash, I feel a little more free to knit on whatever I want, rather than feeling slightly guilty for working on non-Loopy Academy Things.  There were various points on each of the projects where they became not-great for travel (weaving in ends, loud metal dpns) and so socks and other projects have continued apace.

I must must must get back to working on P's baby blanket. She's due in just over 2 months and I'm sure there will be a baby shower before then. Currently the blanket looks like this: 


I've got four more blocks to go plus an applied i-cord edging?  Mostly, this needs me to spend 20 minutes solidly casting on the next section and then it will start going much more quickly. Also, actually working on it should help immensely, it's been seriously ignored the past few weeks.  I wonder if it's too big and clumsy for my flight to Minneapolis on Thursday...


Remember when I asked for ideas of what to knit my Wollmeise into? I didn't entirely toss them aside, promise and I have even cast one on.


This is Spice Route in Amazonas (first picture is better in terms of color). It's doing a weird stripy thing but it's coming along nicely. I'm at about 5', some of which I know I'll lose to blocking. I'll probably do about 7' of scarf.  From the weight, I'm not quite halfway through the skein yet.

Socks are still floating around as well, more on those later in the week.

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