Saturday, May 30, 2015

Loopy Academy Semester 2: Off the Needles, Off to the Gift Bin

Done done done!!  I finally finished and uploaded my Loopy Academy Semester 2 Freshman Year projects. With 24 hours to spare even.  Forgive the mediocre photos, Chez Hedgehog is a mess due to projects and I just wanted to get things done, photographed, and posted.


First up, my striped project was the ruffle alligator shawl.  (The Ravelry links are all to public pages if you want to click through). Product of a lot of short rows and moving stitch markers, this ended up taking 3.6 skeins of the dark blue and 3.9 of the light blue.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. It's a lovely shawl, densely squishy, and entirely not my taste. I tried it on and the Philosopher agreed with me. So, it's off to the gift bin while it tries to sort out it's destiny.  This also was the overambitious project--1006 yards where I needed 175.  I really should know better.


Next up, slipped stitches and this light hat.  I find that I forget how quickly hats can go, even this one which required me to pay attention to what I was doing. Of course, it also went much faster once I stopped trying to knit it on dpns and found a 16" circular.  Far less shoving of stitches and worrying about dropped ones. The yarn is silk and alpaca, both light but oven like.  And the hem turned out better than I expected.  This one is cute and I think will stay with me. I lose hats far too quickly to only have one or two in the hat bin.  I would knit this pattern again.


Finally, the felted wine carrier. At very best I am ambivalent; really though I just don't like it. I disliked knitting on large needles with worsted weight wool, which clinked around noisily and were loose enough that I didn't feel I could take the project out of the house. I don't particularly care for the felted fabric. It's still taller than I'd like but it's at correct width, so I'm hesitant to run it through the washer again. But I can say I've tried it and am happy not to again, so I suppose that's soemething, maybe. Also destined for the gift bin, though I'm not sure I know many people who take wine with them who will also remember to take their felted wine carrier back and forth. Hmmm, perhaps a white elephant party gift...

Oh, final yardage, as these count for Stash Dash:

1) Shawl: 920 meters
2) Hat: 166 meters
3) Wine Carrier:  162 meters
Current Total: 1248 meters; ~25% !!

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