Friday, February 27, 2015

Help Me Pick a Project: Vote, Comments, Etc

Earlier I said I had too much Wollmeise. Well, not really too much, but I acknowledged that it's now spilling out of it's designated WM bin and that's just silly.  A couple of skeins I own are off limits--predesignated for projects--but most aren't. So, you're going to help me choose project and color, right?

Here are the colors currently in the stash (click through for bigger): 

Color 1: Admiral. I promise it's a super dark blue.

Color 2: Petit Poison Medium --think really dark raspberry, or port.

Color 3: Nazar Boncugu 

Color 4: Madam Souris

Color 5: Petit Poison, Number 5, Dark: Again, Raspberry/Port colors. Guess who just realized she had two skeins of Petit Poison?

Color 6: Ein Klein Wenig Verrucht: a  nice blue/purple shade

Color 7: WD: Fliederbusch: don't mind the WD, just mean's "We're different" so it's a little off from what the dyer intended. Still lovely.
MDTrans 051

Color 8: WD: Der letzte Versuch: Actually blues and purples in the skein
MDTrans 050

Color 9: WD: My Old Blue Jeans: Has anyone noticed I buy jewel tones?
MDTrans 054

Color 10: Turkis: so bright teal it almost hurts. (Also, seriously I've owned it for 5 years)

Color 11: Amazonas: from earlier this week, looks like Parrots.

Color 12: Im dunklen Wald

And here are some projects that I think would knit up nicely (all of these are Ravelry patterns, you should be able to click through and see them w/o an account: 

Pattern 1: Whippoorwill -- this is a lovely 2 color shawl. Please specify which 2 colors you think should go together. 

Pattern 2: Spice Route: long rectangular scarf that kind of looks like Clapotis.  Might be good for one of the variegated colors? 

Pattern 3: Undine: I've been meaning to knit this forever, no idea why I haven't yet. 

Pattern 4: La  Cumparsita: I love Marnie's patterns. And this looks so elegant. Would be perfect for a cocktail party. (Please note, I rarely go to cocktail parties)

Pattern 5: Carlina: A more practical scarf with interesting pop out details.

Pattern 6: Arctium: Marnie again, I wasn't kidding. 

Pattern 7: Christmas Lights Shawl: I could only make the smallest size w/ one skein. Hmmm....

Leave me a comment, tweet, FB post etc and let me know which pattern and which color.  


  1. Whippoorwill in 7 & 9; Spice Route in 4

  2. How about Freesia in 8 or 4. It's a lovely shawl and easy, I knit it in colour Igor and I love it.
    Plumunou on Ravelry


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