Monday, August 25, 2014

These will be bright socks...

Around my freshman year in high school I went through a teal and purple phase. Those were my favorite colors, they were what I wanted everything to be in, frequently together. I keep saying I got past it, until I go yarn shopping or seriously review the stash and realize nearly everything is still teals/blues and purples.

Exhibit A:  The Miss Babs Sock yarn that I bought at Stitches Midwest (I told you I bought a lot of yarn). 

IMG_7266 (2)

Done in the Prince colorway on her Cosmic Handpainted Sock Yarn Base, this is some of the nicest 80/20 merino/nylon yarn I think I've ever touched. It's softer than many 100% merino yarns I have in my stash.  And it is so lovely.  It was hard to photograph because the purple is just slightly ultra-violet: gorgeous to the eye, really hard to capture with the camera. 

IMG_7259 (2)

I've knit with Miss Babs yarn once before-- making the Windsor socks a couple of years ago. She doesn't make that base anymore but I think this is similar. I'd have to ask the Incredibly Patient Mother to feel up her sock drawer for comparison. 

This skein will probably be socks. AudioGirl and I were talking about how it seems counter intuitive to use such colorful yarn because socks go on feet, in shoes, and for me usually in boots where no one sees them. But it doesn't mean I don't get enjoyment out of the colors when I'm knitting it and there's something fun about handing over the gift of bright colorful socks. I don't mind knittting the IPM black socks, but fortunately she likes bright socks too.  And as I'll spend a good 20 hours looking at the yarn on the needles, one should pick out colors one likes to see... 

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