Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Reasonable Heap

I didn't make my 5K goal.

Towards the last week or so of July I still had some hope, but looking at the reality of what was on my current to do list pointed out that what I'd need to knit was the equivalent of another entire sweater and another pair of socks on top of what I'd already accomplished and/or might hope to complete to pass the finish line.

I did find this a little disappointing. You set a goal and think "of course I can get this done" and then life intervenes in ways that you couldn't quite have planned for--and also this occasional need for sleep.

But as I look back on what did get finished, it's a respectable pile:

Between the May start date and 8/7, which was the Knitgirllls official end date, I knit on and finished (may have started prior)

1 hat
3 pair of socks
1 rectangular scarf
3 triangles for the Philosopher
1 sweater

And still in progress but with significant work
1 pair of socks (finishing toe of sock 2)
1 sweater (still have to do sleeve 2)

That puts a number of things off the needles, some into drawers and shelves, others into the gift bin of Chez Hedgehog.

Though we've not really had a summer (it's presently 64, damp, and windy outside), as I head towards the fall semester my thoughts are turning to what I need to knit for the holidays, the need to knit myself a couple of new hats before winter (lost one hat, was thoroughly sick of it, would like more in rotation), replacing my lost fingerless gloves.

Of course, there's also some new yarn that just appeared at my house. But more on that another day...

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