Friday, August 15, 2014

Planning the Skein Parade

It's going to be a parade of stash around here for a while. The Philosopher accompanied me to Stitches Midwest recently and I came home with no small amount of yarn.  Add to that an order that showed up and a quick trip to a new yarn store and, well, there's a few new skeins at Chez Hedgehog.  Because it's all so beautiful I want to break it out so hopefully both you and I aren't entirely overwhelmed by it.

First up is some new yarn from BMFA.  Tina had one of her clearing out sales, which are always so tempting for me. This round it was 2 skeins, pick your weight of Socks that Rock base. I opted for the Medium weight, which is really my preferred default comfort yarn. I have seriously considered that it might be my desert island, you only get one base of yarn for the rest of your life, base. It helps that it comes in so many colors.

The first skein is a mill ends skein, so I'm expecting to find a knot or underplied spot or something in it.  I'm pretty sure this is one of the Christmas colorways but I can't find one that looks appropriate to me on the site right now. I'm sure someone will recognize it. I had started knitting it up into a pair of socks--going for the full on comfort knitting experience here--and most of the way down the leg the Philosopher started making doe eyes at the yarn.

IMG_7231 (2)

Personally I'd figured it too green/pink for him but he really likes the red, which is a dominant stripe and so here it is, ripped out, wound up again (there's a center-pull ball in the middle of that) and I'm looking through patterns again.

Small triangles that are not excessively lace-edged and are reasonably memorizable and will work with a sport weight yarn are something of a challenge to find.  I've got a few in queue but nothing has struck my fancy recently. Of course, he already has 5 triangles, so it's not like he is entirely without options.

I also got a Rare Gem, which is richly lush and dark.

IMG_7238 (2)

I love how the green pops at one end

IMG_7233 (2)

There's also been an option taken out on this for a Philosopher triangle but I'm not sure.  It might have to be saved for someone else.  He's not the only person getting knitwear in my life...

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