Monday, July 28, 2014

Au Revoir Green Sweater..

I sent off the green sweater to a new home over the weekend. I've been debating if I try and throw it in the dryer or what I could do besides ripping it all out to get the sizing closer to where I wanted it. Fortunately, the Incredible Patient Mother has slightly broader shoulders than I do, though we're of a similar build/size. She tried it on and, with a pin/button in the front, it fits her far better than it does me.  A part of me is a little bummed, but mostly I'm glad she'll wear it.

To quote something from the YarnHarlot during one of her tours, knitters have artificial generosity. We give so much stuff away because it does not fit.

It's looking doubtful that I'll make the 5K goal by next week, which is the official KnitGirllls deadline. This summer has been too stressful and full of too many other obligations. It's very frustrating. I look at all of the yarn, all of the potential and I want to do all of the knitting. But knitting, particularly anything I can't do on almost entire autopilot, requires thought and energy and that's been in short surplus this summer. And I know that in the next week I have deadlines, the Philosopher's birthday, friend obligations, and a couple of other things bleeding on the radar.

I'm going to take a solid whack at trying to finish the second sweater by next week so I break the 3K mark but I think that's as far as I may get. And even if it takes me a little longer than that, by tailgate season this fall I'll have two new warm sweaters that I've knit myself. Nothing to sneeze at there...

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