Sunday, July 20, 2014

At last...

I am officially done knitting with this yarn. After six years in the stash and having started three projects with it (and finished two actually), I have consigned the remainders to the leftover bin and am moving on...


Keskitys turned out to be the perfect pattern for this yarn, turning the pooling into something interesting. I think the pattern, despite being free, hasn't gotten as much traction as it might because it calls for two alternating skeins of yarn and I don't know that I would have wanted to slog through that much garter stitch with it (though the preponderance of Jared Flood scarves a couple of years ago would seem to suggest that others might). For a highly variegated single yarn, though, I believe it works very nicely.


I knit the center triangle a little larger than the pattern called for and ended up picking up 72 stitches on each side. This meant longer wings.  In retrospect, I probably didn't need to do that. The Philosopher was surprised to see that the full length is over 6' when gently blocked (can you imagine if I'd seriously blocked it?) but he'll wrap it around his neck this fall and just be nice and toasty. He really likes the colors.


It's another 450 yards towards my stash dash goal, which is now at 2825 yards. I'm at 51%! Woohoo!'s late July and stash dash ends on August 7. Can I finish up another 49% of projects before then? I've made some sock progress recently but we shall see...

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