Monday, January 14, 2013

Go In and Out the Yarn Stash

I found somewhere for some of the spare yarn at Chez Hedgehog to go.  There's a group here in Chicago that works with one of the women's prisons and who mentioned on Ravelry that they could use more yarn. They start by teaching the women to knit washcloths, which I agree is a much more tangible project for a beginning knitter than a scarf. So I've pulled together about 3 lbs of cotton (easier than it sounds--I still have a number of cones of bulky weight cotton from a going-out-of-business sale a couple years ago) and a couple of other skeins that have been lurking and looking for a purpose and I have a nice large grocery bag full. That will be dropped off to Loopy Yarns in the south loop as soon as I remember that I need to carry it out the door with me in the morning and don't have anything that evening.

It isn't making a large dent in the get-all-the-stash-back-in-it's-bins, the cotton has it's own top shelf because the bins I bought don't work for the cones, but it does include a few other skeins and the emotional guilt of wondering what I'll do with the yarn is gone.

So, of course, I have new yarn to show you. Because heaven forbid I make it more than a couple days into the new year without buying more yarn.

This is--at least--yarn with a very targeted goal. The Brunette's Husband and I were discussing some new fingerless mitts for him while I was in NY last time. I bought some yarn for the Blonde and the Brunette but B-Husband asked for School Bus Yellow yarn and that's just a little harder to find. Fortunately, the Loopy Ewe has a solid collection that I could pull up on my phone.  Discovering all of his color options, B-Husband asked for Kiwi.

I have three skeins now. I'm going to try to do mitts for him double stranded so that perhaps I can get them done some time this century. Fingering weight mitts are apparently not in my primary forte.

But be proud. I made it in and out of Loopy (sadly, without the cotton) last week and didn't buy any more yarn. I got the new Vogue that has a Franklin Habit sweater in it! I also picked up some wool wash. I was out and there are a lot of socks around here what need scrubbed. I also need to start using the loft to block my shawls.

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