Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And There Was Cotton....

I was doing so well. Truly! I'd not bought very much yarn this year and I was feeling all virtuous. Pride before a fall and all that. 

Apparently, and this was news to me, Pisgah and Co are going out of business/have sold Peaches and Creme to a new Canadian company Spinrite. What this means for those of us with a bit of a cotton obsession remains to be seen, Peaches and Creme has been one of those go to places when one needs large quantities of cotton for some time. Certainly I've purchased a fair amount before. 

It did, however, also mean than cones of the bulky weight were on deep discount. As in, cones for $2.28, click there at your own risk because suddenly I owned a TON of cotton.

I probably could have carried it home from the UPS store, but I wasn't sure just how big the box would be.


Gypsy was happy to inspect, particularly after I'd opened the box


I now have 14 cones and 4 skeins of Peaches and Creme bulky weight. It's still in the box mostly because I don't begin to have anywhere in my apartment to put it. I have started making washcloths out of the Black Cherry (black/pink/white) (30 stitches, 3 stitch garter border, stockinette) and I've got a grocery bag out of the Peppermint (red/pink/white) going--just out of self-preservation and in a vain attempt to prove that I'll use it up. AudioGirl has already called a couple of cones for a new bathmat. The Incredibly Patient Mother has suggested that sometime next decade she might need more washcloths. I think everyone is getting bath scrubbies for Christmas. 

Also--I apologize for anyone who was following my Flickr or Rav stream earlier this week and got glutted with cotton shots. 

So much for losing stash weight this year. *sigh* But at those prices....

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