Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Blogiversary

Can you believe I've been blogging here for three years? I almost missed it and would have except for needing an archival link for another post.  January 10, 2010-January 10, 2013. Three years and a lot of yarn through the needles, mostly socks.

When I started the blog, I had knit four pair of socks I think? Now I'm up to 42 pair if I include the stripey socks I showed you last week that still need a toe finished and two pairs of bulky weight slipper socks that I made for M. That doesn't include the slipper socks that I'm working on for AudioGirl or the new Cinnamon Socks that I cast on earlier this week. I'm working on the heel of the first one.

Hey, I should probably show you a picture of those, shouldn't I?

These are out of Dream in Color Smooshy in the Cinnamon Colorway and I think this might be the first time I've used this yarn. I have a few skeins of the DIC Starry that is lurking about the stash in search of a project but I don't recall using smooshy before. I wound this yarn up in October and had it in a project bag ready to go when I next ran out of socks. I find doing this periodically helps me get through some sock yarn that I might not otherwise knit and certainly helps to prevent my occasional rounds stash tosses when I can't find something to work that I want to work on. Knowing I can set down my current sock for another one, and that I have some socks ready and waiting is comforting. It also let's me switch gears depending on what event I have to go to. Public knitting and figuring out where I need to put the toe of a sock rarely seems to work well.

Thanks for hanging around for the yards and yards of sock yarn that have turned into vanilla ribbed socks. Because they are my mindless knitting, at this point I can't promise much of a planned change in the new year, but I am making a very small dent in the amount of fingering weight yarn on the shelves and hopefully I can keep up the enthusiasm.

I did just have another round of winding up yarn to get ready for more socks, so I need to show you those skeins that are coming up soon.  As soon as I can find a half hour to take pictures.

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