Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cleaning Out the Chair....

When new yarn comes home to Chez Hedgehog it goes into one of my Ektorp Tullsta (in tan). Since I was getting rather tired of not having either chair to sit in, that meant I needed to a) do the ironing and b) take pictures of the yarn I've bought recently.

A recent field trip to Viroqua and Ewetopia Fiber Shop was mostly about needles, but I grabbed some yarn as well. Tucked back by Kathryn's handdyed was some Alpaca with a Twist Socrates.


(click to make bigger)

It's soft and pretty and I got enough to tackle a decent sized shawl as desired.  Yes, I know, I'm in a shawl phase and I'm the woman who doesn't really wear shawls beyond a giant blue Clapotis. I'll either learn or have excellent Christmas gifts.

IMG_4446TurtleGirl76, whose gorgeous marmalades light up my every Tuesday, showed us all the way towards Alpha B Yarns on Etsy. Being my usual sheepy self, I followed our shepherdess of bright colors and ooh, pretty, and grabbed a couple of skeins of Blue BFF B Sock in Karashu 

I love the info cards attached to the skeins:

I haven't knit it yet but I'm thrilled with the yarn. It's soft and squishy and such a wonderfully vibrant blue!

And finally (for this post)...I may have done a big purchase at Webs. It was on sale, impulse, umm...yah, I don't really have any good excuses other than I'd best go print out a couple of those shawl patterns.The yarn is all Arucania--8 skeins are of the Multi and 3 are a semi-solid that I'm planning to turn into the WendyKnit's current KAL.  That would of course mean I have to stop working on bulky weight shawls... but that's all details. 

I finished the purple/green shawl and the orange city shawl. One's blocking, one's waiting on ends to be woven in. Pics soon. :)

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