Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Souvenier Yarn and I am a Sheep

So, as mentioned before, I went to DC for a librarian's conference (btw--I typed knitting conference first). While I didn't really do a lot in the knitting department, I did get some time in at a yarn store.

Plans were made with a friend on Plurk to meet up mid-Monday and then our only question was where to go. I reached out to Wendy Johnson, designer of a boatload of lovely shawls and socks, and was promptly told of fibre space. We ventured forth into Alexandria and were well rewarded for braving the 30 minute train ride and 10 minute walk.

fibre space is absolutely charming! Yarns are sorted by weight (sensibly--I've never grasped the mindset behind one store I was in that sorted by color.) and they have a number of indie designers and dyers. I saw some Wendy patterns even, but restrained myself. I had already bought one of her patterns that wouldn't get cast on during conference. My companion bought some beautiful fall colored yarns to make a Clapotis. The winding process turned into an adventure--she started at the wrong end, things ended up wrapped around the swift base, all sorts of hilarity ensued but the ladies working were most gracious.  

I grabbed yet another skein of Berroco Pure Merino, this time in a dark (aptly named) Grape Jelly shade. If I can get back to actually making them, I'll have a rainbow of headbands before winter comes again.

But I didn't only come to DC for yarn I could get at home (albeit, not in that particular shade) so I prowled around the indie dyers to find something with which I was not familiar. There were a number of options--believe me! (They also had Spud and Chloe, my first spotting of it in the wild. Liked it but didn't have room in the suitcase for a sweater's worth.) Instead I got a skein of

Blue Ridge Yarn, the Bambie base, in Wild Cherry.  It's a luscious blend of pinky purple, almost denim blue, and a muted forest green. It's Merino and Bamboo, which has a nice shine to it and a nice hand. 400 yards--so I'll be able to make something pretty out it. You must promise that you're not going to get completely sick of me making shawlettes, even though I'm not sure I'll ever actually wear one...

While I was in DC, the post man came and he brought a happy shiny package from Wolles Yarn Creations.

Now, I wouldn't have known about this etsy store were it not for the Yarn Harlot. And I am a faithful little sheep, after she posted about it, I started stalking the store. RSS feeds on Etsy stores are my new favorite invention btw--I find a seller whose things I like, I grab the RSS, and whenever something new is in their store--it shows up in my reader. This could be very horrible for my bank account but the ooh shiny factor is huge!

Anyway, I have one friend who has been hinting that she would possibly be interested in something knitted. From another friend, I have obtained the fact that a pink/brown color combination would be acceptable. I actually have another pink/brown project on the needles but I don't think it would to Ms W's taste--it's kind of ridiculous. I'll dig it out and take pictures in a minute...but I wanted something pink/brown.

Patience (of approximately 48 hours) and careful review of my RSS feed rewarded me: I got a skein called Strawberry Hershey. Chocolate on the outside, pastel pink on the inside. The four plies aren't twisted--but I also have some camel yarn like this. I figure the color-changing-cotton will be a good test run before I break out the Baby Camel I paid a smidge more for from School House Press.

Can you stand to see another shawlette? Cause I just printed a pattern to start.

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