Thursday, July 8, 2010

Okay....I Get It Now

SPOILERS if you're in the Unique Sheep Sip & Stitch Tea Club.....

I came home on Tuesday drained and crabby. The vast majority of those feelings had to do with the fact that coughing had kept me up most of Monday night and I'd had a long day and faking it only goes so far. I desired nothing more than an episode of Numb3rs and some way-too-salty-to-be-good-for-me snack. And ice cream. And a hug. And some cough meds. And....

From where you walk into my building, I can see sorta/kinda my apartment door. Specifically, I can see if there is something leaning against my door. Now, I've been pretty good and have only ordered yarn for one project since I got back from ALA and that was a special order for yarn that someone else is going to be paying for--I'm just doing the knitting. And there was no way that the custom order from the dyer was in yet. So when I saw a box, I was surprised. I already had gotten a box from the Incredibly-Patient-Mother with an elephant and some books for work...but who else might be shipping me something?

It was shipment 2 in the Unique Sheep Sip and Stitch Tea Club! And instantly I got it--the joy of surprise yarn, already paid for, and I don't even know what is coming in the box! That's the lure of all of those yarn clubs. Oh that could be trouble.....there are so many different clubs one can sign up for.

I went diving into the box with unseemly haste. Well, I did so as soon as I'd fed the small gray one. Cat feeding is priority number one around here when I get home from work and it was 9 p.m. and she had not been fed in 12 hours.

The ladies at US did a lovely job!

I got yarn and tea and a mug and honey sticks! (There used to be 3 honey sticks.....currently there are 2 but I need to hide those from the one with fangs.) 

The theme is Buccaneer and the tea has words like: coconut, chocolate and vanilla.  It smells like dessert in a cup. It's from SerendipiTea . Personally I think I'll be saving this for when it isn't ten thousand degrees outside so I can truly enjoy it.  Right now I've been drinking gallons of green tea to try and stay cool.

The yarn is just what you'd expect a buccaneer to have: the traditional black and white flag in a familiar pattern and gold doubloons to show for his/her work.  It's machine washable merino and should have a nice pair of socks or a small shawl. I am not instantly inspired but there are some ideas floating around in the back of my head.

And finally--a mug!! I love mugs and this one is headed right for the cabinet (via kitchen sink). 

This one will need to stay at home--people at work already think I'm my own little brand of special, I don't need to worry them more!

All in all, very happy with the shipment and with the club....

Trying to convince myself that I don't need to sign up for another club RIGHT NOW. 

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