Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Really Should Know Better

Getting a season of a television series from work is somewhat akin to putting me into a yarn store having a 75% off the good stuff sale. You know you're going to overload, over indulge, and wake up at three a.m. wondering "Did I really need the puce mohair? I don't really even LIKE mohair."

But when you only have the DVDs for a week, one tends to spend many hours in those worlds... Currently I'm watching Numb3rs, something I've caught occasional episodes of live and very much enjoyed. Crime television with an emphasis on the crime being solved--not gruesome details or images that are going to keep me up  nights. I like how the characters are written and the interesting mathematical explanations.

Yesterday, in a fit of "it's my day off and I don't feel good and I'm just going to sit here and knit" I curled up with Season 2 and watched far too many episodes to be good for my overall well being. By the time I stumbled off to bed I had a number of inches of a new scarf worked (sorry, no pics yet) and many new math factoids racketing around in my brain.

Only, like what usually happens when I overload on shows, it wasn't enough to turn off the television: I ended up dreaming Numb3rs. My episode though, broken up fitfully with coughing fits throughout the night, had to do with the math needed to create a triangular shawl from the top center. Something about the yarn overs on the side and in the middle and there was "Charlie-vision" everywhere.

Truly, it wouldn't have surprised me had Don Epps suddenly appeared in my kitchen this morning. I would just have hoped he would be making omelettes or something of that nature.

I do have the triangular shawl on the needles from ALA, need to get that finished. Just five more rounds of the chart--50 rows or so. And that baby blanket.  And...and...and...

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  1. Loved that show! I've got True Blood at home, and am afraid once I start it I won't stop. And so I'm holding onto it until Saturday...and I have a blanket that needs working on. heh.


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