Friday, July 9, 2010

Speaking of the Unique Sheep S&S Tea Club....A Finished Object!

I finished something! I's a rarity and you're all grabbing your emergency inhalers. Just because my cast-on-itis has run rampant.

I blocked and wove in the ends on the Traveling Rainbow!

Pattern: Traveling Woman Shawl
Yarn: Unique Sheep Green Cotton/Bamboo Fingering, Persephone Colorway from the US Sip-n-Stitch Shipment #1
Modifications: Increased stockinette section for one extra repeat at start of Chart A; one additional round of Chart A; an extra two rows in the third round of Chart A--oops.
Size: Approximately 54" by 20" --I didn't measure it before I packed it.
For: :) It's a surprise....I'll update when she gets it.
Obligatory adorable cat photo:

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