Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stalling in Rotation

Two of my umm six on-the-needles projects are progressing. The other four are totally stalled out.

Project 1: Green/Brown afghan 
Status: Totally stalled
Reason: Bulky weight wool, 85 degrees outside, nope, not touching this one.

Project 2: Scarf for Library Fundraiser
Status: Stalled
Reason: It's "work"

Project 3: Another Earwarmer Headband
Status: Stalled
Reason: Oooh shiny other projects hogging all of the attention

Project 4: Multnomah Shawl
Status: Stalled
Reason: made the mistake of setting it down to work on something else, now can't get enthused even though it's gorgeous yarn by Dizzy Blonde Studios

Project 4: Rainbow Shawl
Status: Would be done but....

I was on row 19 of Chart B, which is the final row before the bind off.  That's right--I was less than a 1.5 rows from having a finished object. And then I decided that I really had enough yarn to rip back and add another repeat of Chart A. I pulled the needles out, took a deep breath and ripped.

I have a lot more experience than I used to ripping back projects. Working with kids for two years gives you masses of opportunities to pick up knitting, see the error, rip back and  require restart. A number of my kids will quite happily tell you that I'm quite evil in this sense, not hesitating to undo to all the work they've just done in the name of making it look correct. Still, I somehow ended up duplicating Row 7/8 on the 3rd repeat of Chart A. I'm calling it a stylistic choice and moving on, personally.

June 19 017

June 19 015

I'm ready to start row 10 on Chart B again, so I really only lost about two days of knitting.  I'm doing much better at chart reading through. I'm a written directions girl but at some point I flipped over to the not-very-complicated chart for this one. That's good, considering that I'm going to be tackling some of Wendy Johnson's shawlettes soon and she doesn't provide written directions. 

Project 5: Baby Blanket
Status: Almost stalled, worked on it some today

One of my best friends is just into her third trimester for her first baby. And she has one of the two infants I'm planning on knitting for this year. I approached this with the knowledge that a) babies are messy, b) washing machines are a must c) the baby is being born in the heat of late August. That means no wool.

Following Carin's example, I grabbed fall colors from Knit Picks Comfy Worsted Weight: October, Sweet Potato, Fedora, and Jalapeno. I'm on Chunk 7, and I think I'm going to do an applied I-cord border rather than what they call for. It'll be light enough not to melt the baby but warm enough to last through til November or so.... I need to make something for the about-to-be-new-mom too. 

June 19 008

I'm going to conference this week, and of course needed some tote bags to take with (so I'm less tempted to pick up all the little disposable bags the vendors have. I'll be carrying the following:

June 19 009

Hope everyone at conference has a sense of humor.

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