Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Poll on Potential "Giveaway"

One of the wonderful horrors coming out of the Gulf spill are the animal images.

M asked me why we're not seeing fundraising efforts for the animal rescue down there. My response was that BP should be paying for the rescue and clean up and I think that feeling is pretty pervasive and that's why we're not seeing people having raffles like we have for other major natural disasters. Then I stumbled across an ad/story/fill in the blank I saw it on the interwebs: National Wildlife Foundation is raising money for animal rescue directly related to the oil spill.

I have a tweet in to a guy at the National Wildlife Foundation, asking what the difference is between them that they are fundraising while the International Bird Rescue Research Center is stating on their site that BP is funding them, though they are happy to take monies for other bird rescue things...

So here's my question to you: If I were to put up a small (think single skein of sock yarn) shawl, with names thrown in the bucket for a donation to the NWF...would you be interested? I do, of course, hope to be getting some kind of answer from NWF, though I'm kinda skeptical on that.

I pulled out yarn for four different shawls last night--I have to have something to knit on at a conference next week and I'd rather not be chasing DPNs up and down the aisles. I get enough strange looks as is.

Anywho, please vote....

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