Thursday, July 1, 2010

In Which There is MORE new yarn...

I'm considering leaving my coworkers instructions--if you don't hear from me within a couple of days, the stash should be searched. 

Two weekends ago I grabbed up three of my knitting girls for WWKIP in Viroqua. Owner Kathryn was hosting and we were off. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The girls browsed about the shop and I sat outside with the Rainbow Shawl. No new pictures of that, I haven't touched it in days. 

So of course, being that we were in a yarn store and all, I bought yarn.  I got some new Berroco but I've already stuffed it somewhere in the pre-traveling-house-sitter-coming cleaning frenzy and my brain has managed to completely erase where it was that I put it. 

Fortunately, I also hit the hand-dyed sock yarn wall and I didn't hide that from myself--so not all is lost:

Now, if you look in my stash you'll see I already have some yarn that is very very similar to this. In fact, it's probably dang near close to identical. (I haven't compared them yet, it's not hugely important.) Point is, I really think it's gorgeous and I would like to do a "bigger than one skein" I will do a two skein project, probably alternating every two rows through the whole project and driving myself slowly but surely insane. 

Also, Em located a sale table! This lovely skein was half price because of a couple of knots. If only Noro cared so much, I fight be inclined to buy their yarn. As it was, I think we cleaned K out.

No plans for the yarn as yet, but it's here at Chez Hedgehog and it's pretty.  And as the Incredible Patient Mother reminds me, I could have far stranger/worse habits than the collection of beautiful skeins of (mostly) wool. 

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