Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Low on the Knitting Mojo

If you don't follow my other blog and/or you're not a librarian, I'm just coming off my biggest conference for 2013: the American Library Association Annual Conference, for which I was one of the division program planning committee chairs.  This was my culminating conference with the committee, ending four years of work, mostly behind the scenes. And I won't say it isn't a bit of a relief to hand it on to the next chair. Next year I might actually get to attend the conference rather than feeling spread quite so thin going to meetings. We'll see how that shakes down though...

On the knitting front, there is minimal news to report. This despite having a conference. The conference was here in Chicago, which means I didn't have my usual plane travel time and I wasn't filling my evenings with knitting and socializing because I was coming home and collapsing into bed. The Philosopher got to see me unconscious every night be I can't say we spent any substantive time together while I was attending. 

So while I still had the commute, only one day of which was driving, I didn't do much knitting. There was just so many other things going on: moderating a panel, holding a meeting, tackling plans for a new project... and one day I left my knitting sitting on the livingroom table at home, realizing it only about 30 minutes into the train ride south. And no one had any spare emergency knitting with them. Next year I really hope we get some yarn vendors in the exhibits. 

I will try to round up sock pictures for tomorrow.  Today, my recovery day/wind down day, has mostly been about sleeping but I have been working on an afghan square for the Blonde. I am almost done with my 8th square and I have confirmed that I will not be able to get 16 squares and have enough yarn to seam and edge the blanket. As I'd like to do an i-cord edging and have a plan that involves a 3 color 3 needle bindoff to do the seaming (we'll see), I'll need a fair amount of yarn for that.  But as cradles, beds, and people tend to be longer than they are wide, a blanket that is also rectangular will do.  

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