Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Green Again

I realized just now that this is the fourth pair of green socks that I will have knit for the Philosopher. Out of 7 pair, that suggests a bit of a trend. These are probably the most beautiful though.

I finished the first sock on Saturday and I'm only about eight rows into the cuff of the second sock at time of typing. This is, actually further along than time of photos because I had some laptop slowness and what else does one do while waiting for a laptop to decide it's going to cooperate?


The Philosopher really loves this yarn. I do too, there's such depth of color.


I'm a little worried that I might not get it done in the next 10 days before the end of the month, which would mean I'm no longer a month ahead on sock knitting. Being only on schedule seems so normal and tedious. Besides, I have lots of other projects where I need to be a month ahead or two. Say, the baby blanket that hasn't been touched thus far this week.

Hmm, I just did some math. If I only finish these socks and the baby afghan for the Blonde, I'll be within 100-150 yards of the stash dash goal. That seems very doable, especially considering I plan to finish another pair of socks next month.

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