Monday, July 15, 2013

Sock Show Umm...Monday

Last week I knit half a sock in one day as coping technique. While the rest of the week wasn't quite so productive, knitting to take the edge off was in full play.

If I'm still aiming for 12 pair of socks a year, I'm nearly done with my August pair and cast on September already. On July 15. I need to figure out some other things that I can bring on the commute with me as soon as I wrap up the Blonde's baby afghan. Square 10 was bound off on Sunday, so in theory I could finish that this week.

Knitting time is still kind of limited. Work is taking up far more than it's fair share of the week, I'm a little more than halfway through a Coursera course that is supposed to be teaching me good programming habits (the Philosopher keeps having to find knitting analogies), and there are all these other people and research projects impinging on my time.

And it's mid-July and sultry outside. We know winter is coming though.

The Philoseven socks got finished up on July 5. Not bad for the "July" socks.

IMG_6593 (2)

I'm still impressed with the vibrancy of the greens captured in these socks. My photos are okay but in person, imagine about twice the depth of color. Really must get my light box set up.


The yarn is 100% wool. I'm not sure what breed that means but it's coarser than a merino. It felt closer to a BFL. Mostly I've enjoyed Fleur de Fiber's color sense.

I used size 1 needles and these took just over a month.

Then it was on to AudioGirl's Punk Rock Socks. I don't think you've seen these yet.

For the 5th anniversary of The Loopy Ewe, Sheri worked with Sanguine Gryphone to create the Colorado Hairstreak colorway. I had to have a skein, and it's been hanging out in the stash for a couple of years. AudioGirl picked it out as wish list socks and they are just about done.

IMG_6602 (2)

Lest you worry that I only had one feline photo assistant


The yarn is Bugga!, which is sportweight and knitting up quickly on 1.5 needles (2.5 mm). I'm a little further than these photos show--the socks went with to the jazz gig last night and so I'm about ready to start the toe of the second sock. I'm hoping to finish this week.

And finally, the morning commute called for something that was already wound and wasn't in need of trying on to verify toe length, so here's the yarn for Philosoeight:


It's Three Irish Girls in the You Are My Sunshine and it's from this fundraiser.

I'll need a few commutes or another stressful day before this looks like much but it's begun.

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