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Ducking My Head and Looking Guilty

I packed five skeins of yarn for the trip to Egypt.  I would have 18 hours of transition on the way to and just under 24 on the way home and those hours don't include the to/from NY.

I officially completed "a" sock and the ribbing on sock 2.

I know, I'm a little disappointed in me too. I'd hoped to get through an entire pair while on the trip at the very least.  That and the 11 books (no I'm not kidding, most of them were really short paperbacks) and nearly a gigabyte of podcasts.

I am caught up, finally, on Sticks and String.  I had fallen woefully behind on David, his cats, and the urban wilderness in his backyard and was happy to have a couple of dedicated hours where I could just enjoy his voice. I made a dent in the Cast On backlog too, and was grateful to have it when insomnia hit the last night in Cairo.
I had originally cast on in the Ewephoria Yarn.  Only, I recalled about 21 rows in why I have hesitated to use the yarn from that dyer--it is very spli…

More than One Option

Hi Ducklings--I'm back! Didja miss me? Cairo was awesome. I'll be writing about the trip details over at Hedgehog Librarian if anyone feels the need to wade through it again with me.  

I was thinking a couple days ago about the difference between new things as generally received in the knitting world as opposed to new things in the technology world. It was difficult not to with the advent of the new Ipad from Apple. Immediately I started hearing it called a "Kindle Killer" among other things, though reviews are mixed and I doubt we'll have a clear picture in anything less than six months to a year. I wonder if Jeff Bezos is nervous?

And then I thought about the knitting world and the sharp contrast of how if I published a newly designed pattern or pattern book tomorrow, it wouldn't render other patterns "dead" nor would I be a "killer." I might have an awesome new technique but it's rare that one technique (beyond the knit stitch, whi…

UFOlympics: Lattice and Lace Afghan

**Prescheduled, I'm still in Egypt...still back next week**

I'm not taking part in the Ravelympics this year--instead, the UFOlympics.

Enter the Lattice and Lace afghan.  According to Ravelry I started it in May of 2007 which makes it nearly 3 years old. It is on long pointy straights and has been neglected in it's basket for a long time.  Once in a while I'll break it out, do just enough rows to remember the pattern and then ignore it again.

I can't find the pattern I originally used.  Wrong side purl rows with K2 P2 border as memory serves and then the right side is something like K2 P2 *K2 YO [K3TOG or S1K2TOGPSSO] YO K2 P2... It's very readable, which is good. More on that when I actually pick it up.

It is out of Red Heart, so while it's not my beloved 100% merino, it'll be ridiculously washable. This is especially good as this yarn has lived with me in either three or four states over the years. 2 apartments, 2 cats, etc etc etc...yah, time for a …

Hedgehog on Holiday

Thank you for visiting Hedgehog Knitting. I will be offline until 1/26/10: visiting Egypt with M, riding camels, searching for wool, and exploring the new layers of airport security.   

Please leave a message after the tone: 


Friday Feline: Meet the Widget

It couldn't be a real knitting blog without my cat, right?   I can't promise she'll make an appearance every Friday, she's quite sociable but not always amenable to posing for the camera.

Gypsy, also known as Mini-Widget, Widge or Mouse, moved in late last November.  After evicting one pot of parlor ivy and chewing the shamrocks into submission, she's usually content to chase after catnip mice, beg for an extra treat or two, and scale tall bookshelves in a single (mostly successful) bound.

And this is her favorite position, draped halfway over my shoulder.  It makes it hard to go to work in the morning when it means setting down a snuggly, purring hot water cat.

Pay No Attention to the Feburary Project: Clapotis in Malabrigo

**We interrupt this blogpost to remind you of the people of Haiti.  You can donate money towards relief to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders (Knitters without Borders, do check in with Stephanie), or one of the other places in this list compiled by the Washington Post.**

This is what happens when I don't let myself cast on knitting projects until I leave on vacation and I'm so sick of my Christmas knitting that I refuse to acknowledge its very existence.

First it was just finding the yarn. I'd just get it out so that I knew where it was.  Harmless, right?
(Never mind that I dug through the bins like rabid raccoon searching for an elusive unopened chocolate pudding cup.)

Then, I thought, perhaps I'll wind one or two skeins. It's always good to be prepared to start the project. Granted, this meant I had to get out and set up my swift (the ballwinder has a permanent residence on the kitchen table) but hey, it's not like I was avoiding the 482 things I have…

January's Project: Primavera

Here's January's project on the "list of things to tackle": one pair of socks. I'm absolutely hopping up and down to cast them on, get started and zoom along. Only, I'm not starting any new small portable projects until I leave for NYC & Egypt on Saturday. This was a conscious decision I made while I was winding the five skeins of sock yarn I'm bringing for the 9 day trip. So I'm desperately wanted to tackle this and only this.  *sigh*....I'm being a good hedgehog and waiting.  Delayed gratification hopefully will mean fast knitting and it's not like I don't have holiday knitting that STILL isn't done.  

Pattern: Primavera (see sidebar)

Yarn:  Ewe-Phoria Yarns Handpaints  SockItToMe Superwash in Pacific

Needles: Knitpicks Harmony, 4" DPNs, size TBD.

I bought this yarn on Ebay a few years ago, while I was living in Chicago.  I have some other of her yarns and have had mixed experiences with them.  This skein could have benefit…

Goals, Projects, Stuff Already Underway....

There are a number of projects, plans, and things to be knit at Chez Hedgehog in 2010. 

On Ravelry I signed up to be part of "5K Stashdown"--which is a goal to use at least 5K of the yarn that we had as of 1/1/10.  There's not a "you can't buy anything" restriction but the idea is to get you back into your stash, use up some of the beautiful yarn you already own and perhaps do a little cleaning out.  Or at least organizing. So I have a little bit of accountability.  This blog will hopefully be more of that for me.

I have picked out 12 projects, one per month, that I'd like to work on and hopefully completely this year.  If you're on Ravelry and you pop over to my queue, it's the first twelve projects, and yes, in that order. I'll spotlight them as they come up but it's a pair of socks, 5 shawls, 2 scarves, 2 sweaters, 1 hat, and 1 cowl/mittens set. These all have designated stash yarn that will be used for them, so I don't need to bu…


I have some specific knitting goals set for 2010 and wanted to blog about them a little more at length, but without overwhelming my primary blog: Hedgehog Librarian.

A little about me: I've been knitting for almost seventeen years, with a lot of on and off in that first decade. My grandfather's girlfriend taught me and my mom was genius enough to make me take knitting with me when I moved out to go to graduate school. I started really expanding my skill set during/after grad school and now I'm rarely without sticks and string.

I teach a kids group and that's been a huge influence in growing my skill set. Inevitably one of the kids will come to me with a "I want to..." something I don't know how to do. My stock answer is "Great, let's start that next week." Usually this is so I can track down a pattern and teach myself. I learned how to knit socks over a weekend for that particular reason. Last fall I taught two advanced techniques cou…