Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pay No Attention to the Feburary Project: Clapotis in Malabrigo

**We interrupt this blogpost to remind you of the people of Haiti.  You can donate money towards relief to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders (Knitters without Borders, do check in with Stephanie), or one of the other places in this list compiled by the Washington Post.**

This is what happens when I don't let myself cast on knitting projects until I leave on vacation and I'm so sick of my Christmas knitting that I refuse to acknowledge its very existence.

First it was just finding the yarn. I'd just get it out so that I knew where it was.  Harmless, right?
(Never mind that I dug through the bins like rabid raccoon searching for an elusive unopened chocolate pudding cup.)

Then, I thought, perhaps I'll wind one or two skeins. It's always good to be prepared to start the project. Granted, this meant I had to get out and set up my swift (the ballwinder has a permanent residence on the kitchen table) but hey, it's not like I was avoiding the 482 things I have to do this week, was it? No.....

I sat down Sunday evening to work on the databases I manage for one of my clients. The client-dedicated laptop has been moving at increasingly slow speeds of late. Some days it'll zoom along, most days (read Sunday and Monday nights) I have time to knit a complete 50 stitch row while it's switching from Excel to Access or to Outlook. Considering how many emails and spreadsheets I was trying to flip between, I needed something relatively uncomplicated that I could pick up and set down mid-row.

As of when I finally went to bed on Sunday I was through the set up rows and on the fourth repeat of the increase rows. I should be through to the straight rows before I leave on Saturday morning, even though I have not yet begun to pack.

Forgive me February, for I have started your project early. I am planning to join the UFOlympics to make it up to you.

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