Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goals, Projects, Stuff Already Underway....

There are a number of projects, plans, and things to be knit at Chez Hedgehog in 2010. 

On Ravelry I signed up to be part of "5K Stashdown"--which is a goal to use at least 5K of the yarn that we had as of 1/1/10.  There's not a "you can't buy anything" restriction but the idea is to get you back into your stash, use up some of the beautiful yarn you already own and perhaps do a little cleaning out.  Or at least organizing. So I have a little bit of accountability.  This blog will hopefully be more of that for me.

I have picked out 12 projects, one per month, that I'd like to work on and hopefully completely this year.  If you're on Ravelry and you pop over to my queue, it's the first twelve projects, and yes, in that order. I'll spotlight them as they come up but it's a pair of socks, 5 shawls, 2 scarves, 2 sweaters, 1 hat, and 1 cowl/mittens set. These all have designated stash yarn that will be used for them, so I don't need to buy anything new.

I'm off to holiday in Egypt in just under a week, and I've wound 5 skeins of sock wool to take with me.  It might seem a bit extreme, as I'm only going to be gone for 9 days, but at least 48 hours will be "in transit" and I've found that it's best that I not run out of yarn (last trip I exhausted reading material and both mp3 players long before I got home).  Some Going-to-Egypt Yarns:

I have signed up for Susan Pandorf's Evenstar Knit-Along (KAL) and I'll be using stash yarn, either in brown or red for it.  Those were the only two yarns where I had enough yardage in laceweight.  I'm leaning towards the red. 

Potential Shawl Yarns: 

And finally, there are the lingering things that need to be finished or frogged.  That would include 2 afghans, 1 scarf, 1 pair of fingerless mitts and at least one shawl. 

One of those afghans:

So there's lots to do and just under 12 months to do it in.

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