Monday, December 13, 2010

Year in Review

Can you believe it's been almost a year since I broke my knitting content out from Hedgehog Librarian? On one hand, seems like forever, and on the other, wasn't that five minutes ago?  One of my favorite "year in review" things that I see around the biblioblogosphere is a quick summary of the first sentence posted in each month. It kicks me back through the archives and is usually good cause for amusement.

January: I have some specific knitting goals set for 2010 and wanted to blog about them a little more at length, but without overwhelming my primary blog: Hedgehog Librarian.

February: Oh ducklings, how I wish I could tell you stories of knitting.

March: Mousie came to live with us shortly after Gypsy did.

April: It's a beautiful day here and I'm going to go put the ham in the oven to torment Gypsy.

May: By 11 a.m. today it was 90 degrees outside.

June:  In what can only be described as a cruel twist of fate from Mother Nature, following an exquisitely sunny and hot May, June temperatures have gone back down and we've had enough rain that I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't relocate to Seattle without noticing.

July: I'm considering leaving my coworkers instructions--if you don't hear from me within a couple of days, the stash should be searched.

August: So, at some point I agreed to knit something for a fundraiser.

September: Two projects off the needles!

October: I'm delinquent enough in writing this up that everyone else should be fine...hopefully I'm spoiling this for no one.

November: I was leaving a note on another blog and realized I hadn't blogged over here for a bit. 

December: But of course, on this long adventure of the LPL Yarn Crawl, we didn't go only to one store!

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