Monday, October 4, 2010

Tea Three: the Final Shipment from the Unique Sheep

I'm delinquent enough in writing this up that everyone else should be fine...hopefully I'm spoiling this for now one.

The third shipment in the Yarn and Tea Club arrived from the lovely ladies at the Unique Sheep.  Ending on a lighter note, we moved into Green Tea world....

Gypsy was very interested in the package when it arrived.


As well she should be, inside was delicious tea (best tea of the club IMO), fragrant soap and beautiful yarn!


The yarn is the Sushi Sock base: merino, bamboo, and nylon. I haven't decided how it's speaking to me as yet--it's kind of the wrong color for me right now. I'm thinking about fall and warmth and winter and immersing myself in jewel tones and warmth. This skein is going in the stash to marinate for a bit and I'll come back to it next March when I need to recall that yes, spring will come and life will renew.  It's an "it's almost Easter" colorway to me.


Overall, I was very pleased with the Club and would absolutely recommend joining one of theirs in the future if you're looking to expand your club receivings or looking to join one for the first time. This was a first for me.  I'm not jumping into another one just at the moment because the stash is just slightly out of control. Only slightly.  Don't look in that corner, or over there.  Really. There's always been yarn there.  Promise...

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