I have some specific knitting goals set for 2010 and wanted to blog about them a little more at length, but without overwhelming my primary blog: Hedgehog Librarian.

A little about me: I've been knitting for almost seventeen years, with a lot of on and off in that first decade. My grandfather's girlfriend taught me and my mom was genius enough to make me take knitting with me when I moved out to go to graduate school. I started really expanding my skill set during/after grad school and now I'm rarely without sticks and string.

I teach a kids group and that's been a huge influence in growing my skill set. Inevitably one of the kids will come to me with a "I want to..." something I don't know how to do. My stock answer is "Great, let's start that next week." Usually this is so I can track down a pattern and teach myself. I learned how to knit socks over a weekend for that particular reason. Last fall I taught two advanced techniques courses for the kids and they really are blossoming on their own. It's rewarding .

I have what I think is a ridiculous amount of yarn. But I love it so. As much as possible I'm going to try and do some stash knitting this year, though I refuse to beat myself up for purchasing yarn now and then. Fiber festivals, keeping my local yarn store in business--these are important things in my mind. And there I have the opportunity to help small businesses and often women-owned/run businesses going. Very important. (Also, as I tell myself some days, it's yarn. I could collect something far more expensive/only decorative/harmful etc...)

I'm on Ravelry as PhireAngel if you're looking for me there.


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