Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Head Desk Wednesday

Oh ducklings, how I wish I could tell you stories of knitting. But sadly, in the last 72 hours I've gotten maybe 10 rows done on Primavera Sock 2...possibly 13, I'd have to go look at my row counter.

Yesterday I had good intentions, the kids group that I shepherd started up again. Only, I had two brand new knitters, one of whom wanted to learn English and one Continental.  And sock knitting on tiny needles or a Clapotis and twisted stitches neither one make a good teaching piece. I spent an hour with a little square--changing the yarn from right to left hand and back again. 

Every evening I keep trying to repair a database that keeps blowing up in my face. I'm frustrated, the client is frustrated, I'm praying that by the time I get home today their IT department will have some idea what is going on and why the macros and VBA are imploding. I've already rebuilt the thing twice and it works on my machine, just not when it's on their server. (And the other database for same client?  It's working just fine, no problems.).

But I have book group tonight and heaven help me, I'm going.  And I'll bring my wool and we'll talk about

by Scott Westerfeld

This book is teen steampunk.  Yes, that's a genre.  I have mixed feelings about the book. 

And then I will go home and *headdesk* for a few more hours as I try to beat this database into submission.

Gypsy is getting really sick of watching me bang away frustratedly at a keyboard. She'd much rather her mommy sit in a chair and move sticks and string around so she can make "covert attacks" on the string.  

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