Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy and Healthy

I've been wool shopping again. Would you believe that I'm actually down from the last two years running? I started tracking my yarn purchases two years ago in a spreadsheet and was just slightly frightened when I got to the end of the year and realized what the total number was. I did slightly better in 2009 and I'm hoping to again lower that amount in 2010. I know, it would easy to say "Just stop buying" but there's so many gorgeous yarns out there, plus special projects I can't necessarily plan for, and I'm helping keep at least one LYS in business.

I did catch the 15 minute window of Wollmeise Lace a couple of days back at The Loopy Ewe. Firefox Update Add-On for the serious win. But I am a somewhat realistic hedgehog (stop laughing, I said somewhat) and I don't knit with laceweight more than once in a blue moon. So I caught my sister, who also happened to be online, and suggested she pick out a color for her birthday. Birthday shopping for one sibling checked off. Most Excellent Mailman brought it by today, bless him--he hasn't asked yet what one earth I need all this yarn for and never looks at me funny when I've obviously just stumbled out of bed to answer the door. 

Post DC Pics 001I was down to Ewetopia the other day for Viroqua's "Crazy Days."  I'm not quite sure what prompts those but it meant all the stores were having sidewalk sales. I went for the bakery and the yarn--I'll be honest. I got a loaf of sourdough that I'm almost through and picked up some needles from Kathryn. I got the 9" sock circulars and started a 2x2 rib on the 1s. I'm going to have to take it off and decrease the number of stitches, I cast on 60 stitches and considering the last 2x2 on 1s that I did were over 52 guess is that it will be to big. It's in Ewetopia Fiber Hand Dyed and will be purse knitting at some point. It's currently on the living room chair of doom, marinating with about 7 other projects.

This morning we went to the veterinarian for some shots. Gypsy is now up to 8.4 lbs and that's not just fluff around the middle so apparently there was one last growth spurt waiting to happen. Dr. Jean describes her as a "very busy" cat. Personally, I think that was rather polite--nosy would be my description. Gypsy was all over the examination room, trying to get into the cabinets, attempting to escape through the door to where they do the testing, etc. She also panic shed all over my tank top, which necessitated a change of clothes when I got home before I could go out again. But she handled the shot and didn't bite or claw or show any other particular bad manners. Apparently our new challenge is teeth cleaning. So if I start showing pictures with bandaged fingers--you know why. She came home and promptly sacked out for a nap.


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